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Tapas and Spanish Fiesta    Print-friendly

Hosts: Rolando Parajon and Mark Sills
10333 SW Ridgeview Lane, Portland


Saturday, April 28

Arrive at 6PM, Eat at 7PM

Tel. (503) 245-2379

Cook up your favorite Spanish recipe and come join the fiesta. Ole!

From Portland, take I-5 south to the Barbur Blvd exit #296A.  Turn left on Barbur, right on Spring Garden, then left on 26th Ave.  Follow 26th to Taylors Ferry Road.  Turn left on Taylors Ferry then right on Lancaster Road.  Stay on Lancaster about 0.7 mile, and then turn right onto Ridgeview Lane.


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Recipe links:, Martha Stewart, BBC Good Food


Sites for lots of recipes, searchable by category (email webmaster to add your favorite recipe links here): Recipe Source   Food Down Under   Epicurious   Google Base

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